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Winter Maps


A large river splits this map in half, with three bridges acting as choke points between the halves. A small town surrounds the center bridge, while the north and south bridges have fewer buildings providing cover. A large castle overlooks the west half of the map on a large hilltop, offering cover and supporting fire positions. Hills overlook the city in the east, with sufficient vegetation to provide some concealment for tanks. This map is notorious for having a lot of people drowned themselves while tried to crossing the river.

Mannerheim Line

A large ice-and-snow covered area stretches through this map. Steep hills, rock encampments, twists and turns, and plenty of places to stay and wait will have you on your toes as you battle through this icy deathtrap. Ridge, hills, and lots of rocky outcrops give you many places to hide and ambush your enemy as they come about. Turns and twists could have you stuck if your not on your toes, so watch out. Renamed from Arctic Region to Mannerheim Line in update 1.0.


This post-apocalyptic wasteland of Glacier with its blend of beautiful snow and ice has been in development for quite a while now. Initially, its release had been timed around the addition of Swedish tanks. However, the team agreed that BigWorld didn’t have the capacity to show the wintry landscapes in all their glory. Now that Core’s up and running, we can finally present this deserted and serene locale hot with hot springs, geysers, and elevated ridges.


A historical map of the former Soviet city ‘Kharkov’ (now ‘Kharkiv’ located in Ukraine). Top area is widely open and is able for fast tanks to flank the lines, while city had several roads and space that able heavy tanks to sneak and peak to shot enemies.

Desert Maps


This map offers many great ambush spots, as well as possibilities for maneuvers and breakthroughs. A large airfield in the upper part of the map and a rocky highland in the center offer a major tactical challenge. Occupy the highland to get a perfect view of the surrounding terrain and dominate routes to the enemy base.

El Halluf

A large valley filled with rocks, vegetation, and a small village surrounding a dried out river bed separate the two teams. The large hills on either side of the valley offer many firing positions, and very little cover in the valley will protect a large tank completely against all positions. Regardless of approach, attackers will face a long climb into the enemy’s camp, and effective use of the cover en route is essential. The northern approach offers plentiful protection to attack either hill, but the southern approach makes up for lack of protection with shorter distances and better concealment.

Ghost Town

This presidio located in the desert sands is an ideal setting for an arena-like gameplay. Battles are quick and unexpecting as tanks are expected to dart around cover within the derelict settlement. Artillery have little cover but can hide in the corners to avoid scouts potentially flanking their allies. It’s a small map and often used for clan-battles. Except in the console version, this map is not used in Random Battles.

Sand River

A mostly open map offering little concealment, but providing plentiful cover due to the large number of sand dunes. Three small villages provide temporary cover at best, but are easily destroyed, so they must be used cautiously. Each flag is well protected with a ridge offering defenders cover, concealment, and excellent firing positions. Plentiful cover allows an excellent arena for run and gun tactics while offering many routes for tanks to engage the enemy and make use of their mobility.

Особые карты

Специальная карта для техники VIII уровня. Карта для режима Линия Фронта

Специальная карта для игры на САУ Karl в рамках первоапрельской акции.

Специальная карта «Заброшенный стадион» для футбольного режима 2016.

Коротать зимние вечера ещё веселее!

Тёмная сторона Луны.

Одна из карт, на которой происходили бои в рамках игрового режима «Превосходство».

Специальная карта для игрового события «Конвой», место действия Битва на Сомме.


Так выглядит Харьков в мире уничтоженной техники, находящемся во власти Левиафана. Карта создана для проведения игрового события на Хэллоуин (октябрь-ноябрь 2017 года).

Специальная карта «Стад Эйфель» для футбольного режима 2016.

Мчитесь вперед на своем гоночном танке!

Карта, на которой проходило игровое обучение.

Специальная карта «Химмельштадион» для футбольного режима 2016. Первая ночная карта.


2015 New Year

Due to the popularity of the last 8-bit game mode WoT had, Wargaming made another game mode called «Winter Showdown» on January 26 which included 3 new tanks, mega platoons of 5, and this map. It has the same properties as the last one, but has a winter look to it. However, this game mode was removed on Febuary 9,2015.


An exclusive gamemode was released on 1st of April, 2016, called the Moon Mayhem. In this mode, players could use a special vehicle, the IS 8-Ball. The map is located on the face of the Moon. There are some craters, explosive barrels an six lava pits on this map. During the match, random events would occur such as a «Meteor shower» which can kill a tank instantly, «Bounce» which shoots players high up into the sky, and «Impulse» that shoots players in a random horizontal direction. This map was only available for the IS-8 Ball, which was given to all players during the 2016 April fools event.

Himmelsdorf Championship

It’s the same as Himmeldorf but with one major difference. As the 2014 FIFA World Cup arrived, Wargaming created a giant soccer/football field in the middle of Himmeldorf optimized for a limited time game mode called «Football» which included the T-62A Sport. They removed this mode at July 15, 2014 and later used in 2016 Euro Cup event. The mode will come back in 2018 Confirmed by Wargaming From WG Fest 2018


Insert Description


This was a map where Wargaming had an experiment with 8-bit graphics. As the name vaguely suggests, the tank used was the Karl, a German tier 1 SPG. The blocks around you were all destroyable and traversed in the game mode that was optimized for this map. This map as well as the game mode was removed at April 7, 2014.


Insert Description


Insert Description

Tank Racing

It wasn’t exactly what players wanted, but nevertheless Wargaming delivered. This map was modified from Port which was removed in patch 8.11, but had a race track that Chaffee Sports would race on the game mode «Tank Rally». The missions associated with this game mode were removed October 13, 2014 but, the mode itself wasn’t removed until November 6 of the same year and Port is still missing.

Training ground

This was the first map you have been on as this was the tutorial where everything started. You were given an T-34 85 (ASIA server seems to use Panther and NA servers use the M4A3E8 Sherman) and learned the basics of the game. Also it looks a lot like swamp.

Upcoming Maps

These maps are currently either in development or live on the test server. Details can often change.

Berlin: The capital of Germany being assaulted by Soviet Russia.

Berlin Minimap (WIP)

These maps are currently either in development or live on the test server. Details can often change.

Maps list

Summer Maps Abbey • Cliff • Ensk • Fjords • Highway • Himmelsdorf • Karelia • Lakeville • Live Oaks • Malinovka • Mines • Mittengard  • Murovanka • Fiery Salient • Mountain Pass • Prokhorovka • Redshire • Ruinberg • Fisherman’s Bay • Siegfried Line • Steppes • Serene Coast • Swamp • Tundra • Westfield • Widepark • Paris • Berlin • Ghost Town • Pilsen
Winter Maps Windstorm • Winterberg • Arctic Region • Winter Himmelsdorf • Kharkov • Erlenberg
Desert Maps Airfield • Sand River • El Halluf
Special Training ground • Karl • Himmelsdorf Championship  • Tank Racing • 2015 New Year
Removed Maps Port • Province • Komarin • Northwest • Sacred Valley • Severogorsk • Stalingrad •  • Hidden Village • South Coast • Overlord • Pearl River • Dragon Ridge • Ruinberg on fire

Техника Великобритании

  • II Cruiser Mk. I
  • II Cruiser Mk. III
  • II Light Mk. VIC
  • III Cruiser Mk. II
  • III Cruiser Mk. IV
  • IV Valentine
  • IV Covenanter
  • V Crusader
  • I Vickers Medium Mk. I
  • II Vickers Medium Mk. II
  • III Vickers Medium Mk. III
  • IV Matilda
  • V Matilda Black Prince
  • VI Cromwell
  • VII Comet
  • VIII Centurion Mk. I
  • IX Centurion Mk. 7/1
  • X FV4202
  • V Churchill I
  • V Excelsior
  • VI Churchill VII
  • VII Black Prince
  • VIII Caernarvon
  • IX Conqueror
  • X FV215b
  • II Universal Carrier 2-pdr
  • III Valentine AT
  • IV Alecto
  • V AT 2
  • VI AT 8
  • VI Churchill Gun Carrier
  • VII AT 7
  • VII AT 15A
  • VIII AT 15
  • IX Tortoise
  • X FV215b (183)
  • II Loyd Gun Carriage
  • III Sexton II
  • III Sexton I
  • IV Birch Gun
  • V Bishop
  • VI FV304
  • VII Crusader 5.5-in. SP
  • VIII FV207
  • IX FV3805
  • X Conqueror Gun Carriage

Grand Battle Maps



The map reproduces the central regions of the Soviet Union during the Second World War; the approximate year is 1943.


Epic 30v30 fights are expanding to “Klondike”. This new 1.4×1.4 km mixed-terrain map takes you to North America, where icy winds blow across vast expanses of open field and down the cold, empty streets of an industrial area.


Nebelburg is a 1.4×1.4km summer map with mixed terrain and designed specifically for Grand Battles. It offers enough space for all 60 players to maneuver. The middle area, dominated by a hill, is well suited for scouts. Heavy hitters and TDs can use the buildings and streets of the town in the west to their advantage, especially in close combat. Hilly areas in the east lend ample tactical opportunities to medium tanks and others that perform well on uneven terrain, thanks to solid gun depression and turret armor.

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